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Jinan Puye Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., located in the equipment manufacturing industry base, HuaiYin District, the beautiful Spring City Jinan, is the domestic test equipment development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises.


The predecessor of our company was established in 2000, and later as the needs of enterprise reform and development, “Jinan Puye Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., " was established. Our company presently has dozens of experience senior experts and  technical talented personnel,  relied on the superior independent research and development capabilities, the sound production, processing and service system, has achieved a major technological breakthrough in the models improvement, functional development, software compatibility and control system development and application, has promoted the Table-Standing Electronic Universal Testing Machine Precision Computer Controlled, Relaxation Testing Machine Computer Controlled, Entire series Battery Solution Servo and Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine Computer Controlled, Entire series Impact Testing Machine; Craft testing machine, including: Cupping Testing Machine Microcomputer Control, Steel Bending Test Machine, Testing Machine Microcomputer Control Expansion Ring.; End hardening test bed, artificial board, tubular materials and other specialized testing machines, which widely satisfied the needs of the national defense industry, commodity inspection, quality control, scientific research institution, universities and colleges, institutes, enterprises and other units in the material testing, structural testing and product testing. Our products can also meet various types of users of the different product experimental request and be customized according to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN, ISO and other standards, to make sure the test is more accurate, fast and safe.


In addition, our company is a member of National Institute of Tribology. Company’s CTO(Chief Technology Officer) is one of the earliest experts who are engaged in the tribology research, enjoy a high reputation and popularity in the Chinese tribology field. Among them, the computer controlled of carbon-carbon material brake simulation electrically controlled test bed (at the astronautics science and technology group research institute of 703, Beijing) and the computer controlled high-speed loop block friction abrasion testing machine(at the Navigation-Daybreak aircraft engine Limited company) have made positive contributions to the National High-Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program)  of China.



Jinan Puye Co., Ltd. advocates and implements the modern enterprise management system, the advanced scientific business management system and the humanistic corporate culture. The company employees are always bursting with the full of vitality, the enterprising spirit can be reflected at times. Company got rid of the traditional concept that the testing machine factory only to provide testing machine, created to provide test solutions, innovation and customer service as the core of   new product concept, in order to maximize value-added products for the company product core competitiveness. Our business philosophy is, “Take user need as start, take user satisfaction as conclusion; take customer as the focus and exceed customer expectations"  


As a professional manufacturer of material testing machine, our goal is,“Customize the most suitable material testing program for you ”.


Jinan Puye Co., Ltd., the quality achieve the value!

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